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Spa Bath

Make Your Own Spa at Home

What is it about the spa experience that is so appealing?

Well, they're lovely, serene, and people pamper you with special treatments for your face and body that promise to cleanse, refresh, exfoliate and balance the skin.

Unfortunately, we don't always have the time or money to go to a spa, and but we do have the availability of products that we can use at home when we can grab and extra hour to pamper our poor, tired skin and spirits. Enjoy your own spa at home!

No matter what kind of skin you have, there are special masks that can cleanse and improve. Yes, you have to do the work yourself (unless you can coax someone else to do it), but you don't have to get in the car and go and make conversation with someone, or leave a big tip.

Facial Spa at Home

First, set out your tools and potions. To create your zen-like atmosphere, you will need to set the mood. A scented candle can add soothing aroma and a calming light to your experience. In addition, you'll need:

A quiet place: If you live with others, find a quiet corner (most likely the bedroom) for your spa at home, and set up a spa table (or bed). Really, you just need a nice, flat, comfy place to lay down for about 20 minutes. And tell everyone you are having "Beauty Night", and to leave you alone for just a little while.

A bathrobe or other comfy clothing that is cut lower, away from your face, and not binding.

Music: For the bedroom. Set yourself up with a music source and about 30 minutes of soothing music (enough for a few minutes before and after). This is NOT the time to listen to the music you use at the gym or on power walks.

Headband: You need something to hold your hair out of your face, so a headband is ideal. You can, of course, use a towel or clips or a hair-tie. Just be comfortable.

Towels: You'll need a clean towel for your head and neck to lie on, and perhaps one for your hair and to dry your face.

Washcloth: Fresh and clean, set by the sink in preparation.

Cleanser: Use a really good, gentle cleanse to prepare your skin for the facial treatment. Try Manuka Honey or locally grown honey for a surprising, light, moisturizing cleanse. Or, you can use the best soap in the world:

Facial Steamer: A facial steamer will open your pores and release impurities. If you don't have a facial steamer, you can steam your face over a pot of hot water - test first, though, so you don't get burned. Use a towel over your head to keep the steam in. You can add eucalyptus if you'd also like to clear your sinuses while you're at it. If not, use a calming essential oil such as lavender, or just the pure steam of the water.

Exfoliate: You can use an exfoliating pad, raw oatmeal, or an OTC exfoliator. Dead Sea Salts are great because they will exfoliate, treat and leave your skin feeling amazing! The idea is to remove the dead skin cells and debris from your pores that has been loosened by the cleansing and steaming before your beauty mask.

Facial Treatment (Mask): Spa facial treatments are used to clarify skin by removing dead skin cells, firm facial contours and lift away impurities. Use the mask that's best for your skin type. This is the part where you put on the eye pads and lay back on your towel, listening to soothing music for twenty minutes.

Eye Pads: For your spa at home, you need something to soothe your tired eyes! This is the perfect time to let your eyes relax. You can use cotton pads or balls soaked in camomile or rosehip tea, rose water, watered witch hazel, or cucumber slices. You can also smooth on an intensive eye treatment under the eye pad for maximum benefit. Olive oil works really well, due to the natural squalane content.

Toner: Rinse your face in tepid to mildly warm water, gently pat dry, and close your pores back up with a good, mild toner.

Moisturizer: Of course, you'll need a moisturizer for your skin type. This would be a good time to put on a special serum that can soak in to release vitamins and minerals to your newly uncovered, refreshed skin - AND spirits! This would be a good time for a Vitamin C Serum!


Body Spa at Home

Again, set out your tools and potions so you don't have to hurry or run around collecting right in the middle of your experience.

You'll want to create your bathroom haven with soft music and scented candles. Make sure you have:

Soft towels


Therapeutic Bath Soak: Making a spa at home experience is all about relaxing and therapeutic skin care. Bath Salts contain salts for aching muscles as well as aromatherapy. Bath Bombs come in lovely scents, usually with oils and perhaps salts as well. Bubble Bath is just pure luxury, but a bath using a quart of milk or a cup of milk powder is really soothing You can also use Dead Sea Salts and add a soothing essential oil that's good for what ails you in particular. There are lots of choices for this soak, including detoxifying soaks with minerals, milk baths and combinations. This is your special time, so choose something that will pamper you to the utmost!

Body Scrub: Using a body polish or scrub like the Dead Sea Salts after you've soaked for a bit, just to exfoliate all your dead skin cells and uncover new skin.

Foot Scrub: Don't forget to work on those feet while they're in a softened condition. Use a foot scrub and mitt or loofah to slough all dead skin from your feet, including heels and cuticles.

Body Lotion: Lotions come in a myriad of choices, containing vitamins, botanicals (just like the away-from-home spa!), or special preparations that are ultra-rich to hold moisture to your freshly uncovered skin. Some even include AHA's, which will work every day to help keep dead skin cells from building up so quickly. Also lotion your feet, either with your body lotion or a special exfoliating, invigorating peppermint foot cream.

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Of course, you can do your facial and body spa at the same time, but you'll be having a nice soak in the bath instead of lying on the bed during the mask portion of your treatment.

And, you could wash your hair and put on a conditioning hair mask before you wash your face, put your mask on and enter the tub. That is the ultimate, working spa treatment, treating hair, face AND body. It might not be quite as relaxing, but you'll feel like a million and shine like a star!

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