Natural Beauty Recipes

70% Water

Natural beauty recipes, without all of the preservatives and added ingredients that are possibly harmful, can put you back in control of what goes on your skin.

Today, the business of skin care is a multi-billion dollar industry, but beauty rituals are as ancient as Cleopatra, Aphrodite and Helen of Troy.

Despite all of the research, despite the hype and the new and improved formulations, natural ingredients continue to be the "go to" standbys for skin care and maintenance.

In fact, much of the research that goes on in the skin care industry is focused on why natural ingredients work and how to replicate the effects.


Because natural ingredients can be very effective!

Natural skin care remedies are fun, economical, and healthy.

Why use synthetics when you can use the real thing?

If we are what we eat, aren't we what we put on our skin as well?

Nourish your skin with natural products and reap the benefits of earth's bounty!

Here are some we've whipped up:

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