Natural Remedies for Skin Care: Honey

Honey for skin care

Try honey as a facial cleanser and you just might have to lick your lips!

Since honey is anti-bacterial and a humectant, it can actually be used to wash your face, with great results.

Why it's good:

1) It's antiseptic. Honey contains potassium, and it is the only natural food that will not spoil.

2) It is a humectant, which means it will attract moisture and help retain it.

3) It's an anti-irritant.

4) It's anti-bacterial

5) It contains alpha hydroxy acids

For your skin:

Honey helps heal wounds and lesions by repelling bacteria while drawing moisture to the area in the form of bodily fluids and nutrients. It also contains enzymes introduced by the bees that can accelerate healing.

1) Use honey as a cleanser. Just smooth all over your face, lick your lips and rinse off! Good for all skin types.

2) For acne, try this mask:

Mix 3 tablespoons honey with 1 tablespoon cinnamon (more antibacterial boosting), and 1 tablespoon lemon (to even out your skin tone). Let set for 30 minutes and rinse.

3) Eczema and Psoriasis sufferers: Honey as a humectant will help maintain the moisture in your skin, and adding olive oil will add a barrier to that moisture escaping. Mix the two together with natural beeswax to make a salve.

4) Moisturize with a milk and honey bath.

5) Exfoliate with a honey sugar scrub. Use your extra virgin olive oil (cold-pressed, of course), and mix with sugar, honey and lemon juice to a nice grainy consistency. You can use this on your face OR your body. Scrub gently, rinse and pat dry.

6) Use as a rinse for shiny hair. Shake 4 tablespoons up in a gallon of distilled water. Pour over hair. Do not rinse.

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