Revive a Dull Complexion

Radiant Skin

Do you see a dry, drab, dull complexion when you look in the mirror? Do you have an unhealthy skin tone? A bright, glowing complexion gives the appearance of youth, health and happiness. When you have a dull complexion or unhealthy skin tone, you may appear tired, unhealthy, worn out, or older than you really are.

Healthy skin is essential to achieving natural beauty, so make sure you have all the basics covered before you even try to achieve a flawless complexion with cosmetics.

Causes of a dull complexion:
The Basics

Poor Diet

Good skin is a reflection of inner health, and what your diet contains ( or doesn't contain) can be reflected in drab, unhealthy skin.

Diet changes can help brighten dull, rough skin. Check out your diet and make sure it doesn't consist of a lot of high-glycemic, refined food containing white flour, sugars, pre-packaged foods, empty carbohydrates or soft drinks. These foods can cause systemic inflammation showing up on your skin in the form of wrinkles, premature aging, whiteheads and blackheads.

A healthy skin diet will clear up a dull complexion by supplying all the glowing skin nutrients needed: lean protein, complex carbohydrates, fats, essential fatty acids and all the essential vitamins and minerals. Such a diet will consist of whole grains, nuts, seeds, lean protein, vegetables, fruits, milk, vegetable oils, yogurt, honey and yeast. Healthy foods that are rich in nutrients most likely strengthen skin cells and skin tissue.

Nutrients play an important role in maintaining a healthy skin, so pay special attention to your diet, and take vitamin supplements to ensure that you are getting sufficient vitamins to achieve a flawless complexion.

You don't have to give up everything you like, though! Dark chocolate is a low-glycemic food with the added benefit of antioxidants - just try to avoid milk chocolate which contains more sugar!

For important skin vitamins, see Vitamins for Skin.

Radiant Skin Tip:

Make sure you get enough vitamin E. Try taking 2 Fish Oil Capsules per day for a month and see if it doesn't make your skin more supple and radiant! You can add 2 teaspoons of Olive Oil or Castor Oil for beautiful skin nutrients.


Adequate circulation is necessary to maintain a glowing complexion - and avoid a dull one! To keep good blood flow to the skin:

  • Avoid smoking - Nicotine causes constriction of blood vessels and compromises the necessary flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen to tissues. Stop smoking to stop starving your skin!

  • Exercise - Get your heart pumping and your blood flowing to turn a dull complexion into glowing skin.

  • Dehydration - Help your kidneys clean up your blood by drinking plenty of water, 64 oz per day, helping to flush waste and toxins from your body so they don't affect your skin.

    Skin cells need plenty of water in order to stay plump and healthy, and staying hydrated enables your cells to benefit by removing things such as waste products that are not healthy for the skin. Staying hydrated is one of the simplest and least expensive radiant skin tips. Coffee and tea are actually dehydrating, so try green tea instead to provide anti-inflammatory benefits and protect cell membranes.

  • Stay Regular!- Keep those body systems working to process waste efficiently so that your skin can stay glowing - without reflecting possible digestive or elimination problems. Start off right with a good Detox, just to "clear things up"!


Get adequate sleep! Glowing skin depends on sleep to stay healthy and strong. If you have sleep deficit, your skin will be more prone to breakouts, excess oiliness or dryness and an overall dull complexion because it’s less able to withstand environmental irritants and stress factors.


Proper, gentle cleansing with attention to your Skin Type not only removes all the dust, dirt and make-up, which accumulate during the day, but also stops the oil-secreting sebaceous glands from getting clogged.

Exfoliation of dead skin cells is a great way to attain a more glowing skin. The outermost layer of the epidermis, called the stratum corneum, is made up of dead skin cells that go through a normal process of exfoliation. However, if you want to avoid a dull complexion and uncover more glowing skin, it's helpful to exfoliate, avoiding a buildup of these dead skin cells. Exfoliation is also great to removed dead cells that may be clogging up the top of pores.

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