Dry Skin Brushing

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Dry skin brushing is a simple and pleasurable way to get the blood moving and let good circulation feed your skin.

Dry skin brushing has amazing benefits for the entire body by increasing circulation to the skin, which revs up the ability of your body to expel toxic wastes and encourages lymphatic drainage and removal of toxic mucus throughout the entire body, aiding in digestion, cell renewal and strengthening the immune system, resulting in enhanced efficiency in all body systems!

If all that's not enough, skin brushing benefits also include more youthful skin in a very direct way:

  • A good brushing exfoliates, removing layers of dead skin cells and unclogging pores. Result - more glowing skin!

  • Regular brushing stimulates the sweat and oil glands, allowing skin to absorb more nutrients and providing more moisture for mature skin. Pores are also cleared to remove more waste from the body.

  • The stimulation of skin brushing encourages better muscle tone and redistributes fatty deposits, tightening and smoothing skin all over, including areas of cellulite. Result - more toned skin!

  • Dry skin brushing stimulates the nerve endings in the skin, revving up the nervous system and leaving you energized and revitalized.

Dry Skin Brushing Technique:


  • Use a natural bristle brush, preferably with a long handle and detachable head with a strap. The natural bristles won't scratch your skin, the long handle will allow you to brush hard-to-reach areas, and the detachable head with hand strap will be handy for control while you're brushing curvy areas like your arms and legs.

  • Brush daily, or at least every other day, before your shower, while skin is dry. Dry dead skin is easier to remove without stretching the skin.

  • Brush in long strokes, upward or inward toward the heart, brushing each area a number of overlapping times.

  • Brush lymphatic sites first; the thighs before the legs, the underarms before the arms, to get those stimulated.

  • Start at the soles of your feet, brushing all over your feet, between the toes, moving up your ankles, calves, then thighs again.

  • Brush your fingers, hands, forearms, upper arms and shoulders.

  • On the trunk of your body, use counter-clockwise strokes, brushing your abdomen and chest (including your breasts - not nipples - if you are a woman). Using the long handle, brush your derriere, lower back, sides and upper back.


When you're done brushing, massage a nourishing plant oil all over your body. Use olive oil, sesame oil, hemp seed oil or plum kernel oil with a couple of drops of lemongrass essential oil, which is a vasodilator, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory. Used in this application, it helps improve circulation, increases the flow of oxygen, and further stimulates the lymphatic system.

Shower off

In a very warm shower, use a washcloth to further stimulate skin and wash away everything you've just exfoliated. Follow with a cool rinse and use your light moisturizing oil all over.

You will feel like you've just been to the spa, and you can do this every day! You're energized, exfoliated, nourished and your lymphatic system has been cleared to work hard for you, clearing your body of wastes and toxins.

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