Dead Sea Salts


Dead sea salts contain 26 essential minerals including magnesium, calcium, bromine, and potassium, and sodium, making it luxurious with benefits for natural skin care.

Dead sea salts come from the Dead Sea in Jordan, and have therapeutic properties that have been recognized for thousands of years. The salt concentration of the Dead Sea is approximately 32% and is a salt composition very different than that of ocean water, containing minerals such as calcium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, and sodium chloride, as opposed to ocean water which is mostly sodium chloride. Dead Sea salts are luxuriant in minerals proven to be essentially vital to healthy skin function and appearance.

Dead Sea

In ancient times, the Dead Sea area was a place of refuge, and now people travel from all over the world to visit the health spas, hot springs and bathe in the waters, which contain bromide ions higher than any other waters on Earth.

In our times, skin products such as bath soaks, facial peels and body lotions have been around for years, but the high concentration of essential minerals in the salts from the Dead Sea is the reason why skin care enthusiasts are falling in love with Dead Sea cosmetics. Not only are they therapeutic, but have been found effective at reducing wrinkles and signs of aging.

Treatments at the Dead Sea include the benefits of dead sea salts, sun and atmosphere. The sun and atmosphere can't be packaged and shipped to the comfort of your own home, but you can certainly take advantage of the benefits of dead sea salts right in your own home!

Skin benefits of dead sea salts

  • Relief from psoriasis. A 1989 study by Dr. Zvi Even Paz concluded that 48 out of 50 psoriasis patients experienced significant relief when after a series of therapeutic baths, three baths a week over a period of six weeks. An additional study by Dr. J. Arndt backed this up, finding that patients saw an improvement in as little as a week into therapy.

  • Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema.As in psoriasis, many sufferers receive relief in the itching, but progress may be slower than in the case of psoriasis.

  • Dry Skin.Uncomfortable symptoms of dry skin can be alleviated with dead sea salt soaks, replacing electrolytes required for healthy skin.

  • Skin Allergies.As in the case of psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and dry skin, the high magnesium and bromine content detoxifies and relaxes the skin, providing relief from allergic symptoms.

  • Osteoarthritis and tendinitis. A study by Dr. I. Machtey, treating 103 patients, concluded the finding that improvement was seen a week into the program.

  • Acne - Sulfur is one of the ingredients that is often effective in the necessary cleansing of acne prone skin required to purify the skin.

  • Cellulite - The high purifying and therapeutic mineral content of dead sea salt can assist detoxifying and improving circulation and skin suppleness.

  • Aging Skin. The mineral content allows a number of anti-aging benefits. Research has shown a 40% reduction in the depth of wrinkling, utilizing the benefits of dead sea salts.

    1. Magnesium - important for combatting stress and fluid retention, slowing skin aging, cell metabolism and calming the nervous system.

    2. Calcium - strengthens cell membranes, cleanses pores, prevents water retention, increases circulation and strengthens bones and nails.

    3. Potassium - helps to balance skin moisture, energizes the body and is a crucial mineral to replenish following intense exercise.

    4. Sodium - important for the lymphatic fluid balance.

    5. Bromides - helps the natural repair of cells, relaxes muscles and eases stiffness.

    6. Sulfur - necessary for converting toxins to non-toxins.

Benefits of dead sea mud

Dead Sea Mud:

  • Improves blood circulation and natural skin generation.

  • Fine mud grains cleanse the skin and remove any dirt particles, impurities and toxins.

  • Proven to provide effective relief for skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and wrinkles.

  • Moisturizes your skin and helps natural skin hydration.

  • Gently peels away dead skin cells to reveal more youthful, healthier skin layer.

  • Refreshes and detoxifies by pulling toxins from the skin.


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