Acne Spot Treatment

A good acne spot treatment can work to clear up a pesky pimple fast!

There is almost nothing worse than planning a big event (or even a romantic evening) just to have an ugly, painful little surprise take up residence on the valuable real estate of your face just when you want it to be at it's prettiest! Soooooo annoying!

The quest to completely cure acne can be a tough one since it is so individual, and universal acne treatments just don't clear acne in everyone.

Natural acne remedies can bring relief to those sensitive to the harsher chemicals in over-the-counter or even prescription medications.

If you are having problems getting rid of the spots you have now, try a natural acne spot treatment:

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Natural Apple Cider Vinegar as an acne spot treatment:

Why is it good to clear up pimples?

*Reduces swelling
*Contains alpha-hydroxy acids

For topical application, dilute with purified water, 25% ACV and 75% purified water. Straight vinegar can be too acidic when applied directly on the skin, and can cause irritation. If this is still too strong for your skin, dilute it even more.


* Dab on to pimple with a cotton ball twice a day until clear.
* Can also be used to tone entire face after cleansing to discourage bacteria and balance PH

Tea Tree Oil as an acne spot treatment:

Why is it good as an acne spot treatment?

* Contains an anti-bacterial agent called Terpinen-4-ol, that acts as an anti-inflammatory * Acts as a solvent to remove excess sebum

In studies, tea tree oil has been shown to be as effective as benzoyl peroxide, with fewer side effects.


* Apply oil with a cotton swab on pimples before going to bed to dry, heal and prevent scarring

Aspirin as an acne spot treatment?? Yes!

How does it work to dry up zits?

*Contains a type of salicylic acid known beta-hydroxy acid or BHA, known to be a deep pore cleanser
* Exfoliates to open the comedone and release the toxins
* Heals blemishes quickly

This is not for use by people who are allergic to aspirin! An aspirin mask can also be effective for keeping acne at bay. Try the spot test first, and see what your reactions are.


* Crush an aspirin tablet (not capsule), add water drops to mix into a paste and apply to the top of the pimple at night before bed.
* For an aspirin mask, crush 6-8 tablets, mix with water and apply to face for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. You can customize this by mixing with aloe, yogurt, honey, or your choice!

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Toothpaste as an acne spot treatment, not so crazy

Why would someone use this?

According to lore, and countless magazine tips from models, the white paste form of toothpaste is "amazing" at drying out pimples. This piece of advice originated before whitening toothpastes, which contain whiteners in the form peroxides, abrasive agents, detergents or enzymes that can actually cause acne-like reactions in many people.

If you feel compelled to try this, use a white paste, non-whitening type.


* Put a dab on the pimple. Leave on overnight. Wash it off if it burns.

Clays: Kaolin or French Green Clay, either one

Why are clays good as an acne spot treatment?

* Reduce swelling and inflammation
* Draws impurities from the skin
* Improves circulation
* Removes debris

Fine quality Kaolin Clay or French Green Clay can be found at Mountain Rose Herbs:

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, or your local health food store.


* Put a little clay powder in the palm of your hand, add a couple of drops of water, mix and dab on the pimple. If desired, you can add a couple of drops of an essential oil that works well for acne. Let dry overnight.

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