Natural Remedies for Wrinkles

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Natural remedies for wrinkles treat the annoying problem of aging skin in a gentle, healthy way.

What is more natural than wrinkles? They come relentlessly along with experiences, wisdom (hopefully!), and all the rest life brings us. Since wrinkles are natural, so is the desire for antiaging skincare and natural remedies for wrinkles.

To be effective in your wrinkle treatment: First, know your enemy!

How Wrinkles Form

There are two types of aging that occur in the skin structure, the dermis and epidermis, and natural remedies for wrinkles can help with both types.

Intrinsic aging is naturally occurring, where the reduction of the fat cells, collagen and elastin fibers results in a thinner dermis. This weakens the ability of the dermis to support the epidermis and making it more susceptible to the pull of gravity. Slower circulation and metabolism, as well as decreases or changes in hormone production, cause the skin to lose firmness. There is a decrease in the production of sebum and the sweat glands themselves decline in numbers. All this leads to a thinner skin that is slacker, more prone to injury and wrinkling.

Extrinsic aging is the aging of the skin due to outside factors such as sun damage, smoking, acne, injury, or other skin diseases that tend to scar the skin. Radiation from the sun or sun damage, also known as photo damage, is the biggest culprit. Skin exposed to sun will develop a thicker epidermis, caused by the faster cell renewal that is the defense mechanism of the skin in response to the ultraviolet radiation. A tan is actually an increase in melanin that the skin produces to protect itself from the harmful rays. Repeated exposure to the sun, like getting a tan every summer, causes the skin to become permanently damaged with less elasticity, damaged elastin fibers, less ability to control water loss, more fragility, and fewer capillaries to feed the skin nutrients.

The worst effects of sun-bathing are the eventual development of actinic keratoses, which are wart-like spots on the skin and can signal that the skin could develop a skin cancer in the future. The most obvious signs of photo damage besides actinic keratoses are freckles, darkened spots and skin that becomes dryer, tougher, wrinkled and more sallow. Skin damaged by the sun's radiation has irregular cell turnover, resulting in a rougher appearance.

So, while wrinkling is a natural part of the aging process, the severity and age when those first tiny lines appear is up to external forces that WE CAN CONTROL!

Wrinkles can be postponed by avoiding the external causes, and by having an effective skin care routine from an early age.

Wrinkle Treatment

1) For wrinkle help, one of the most important ways to protect the skin from further damage from the sun is by wearing a sunscreen on exposed areas daily. Avoid smoking and other pollutants. Treat skin with natural remedies to avoid further damage.

2) Use a natural, non-soap cleanser to avoid further stripping of already diminished sebum. Use warm or tepid water. Be gentle!

3) Applying moisturizers regularly will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles by aiding in moisture retention, plumping the skin.

4) Exfoliate once or twice a week in order to remove dead skin cells that can clump up in even fine lines. This will also stimulate circulation.

5) Check your diet! Studies have shown a correlation between wrinkles and certain diets. Of course, the healthier the better, with a list of foods and their wrinkle values found HERE.

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Natural Remedies for Wrinkles: Treatment Regimen

Exfoliate to uncover beautiful skin!

Get some vitamin E into your skin with olive oil!

What's your skin type?

Try cleansing with natural oils to soften wrinkles and replenish moisture!