This page is about my passion for natural skin care and home remedies, and how I came to have a website.

Not to discount the pharmaceutical industry and all of the effective medications for a variety of skin issues, I believe that there are simple solutions for most of our daily problems.

Here's my story about how I started my own web business doing something I love!

Concoctions, mixtures and potions sound pretty mystical, but not when they are made from natural ingredients without preservatives and chemicals. Mystical, no, but the results can seem like magic! And that's what I'm excited about! Don't we all need a little magic?

I have loved mixing up concoctions since I was a little girl. My mother gave me a book called "Mud Pies and Other Recipes", by Marjorie Winslow. It is a magical book about party ideas for dolls, with menus and recipes. I spent hours making mud pies, sand tarts, special leaf teas and more for, not only my dolls, but anyone else that would come to my "party"!

I'd like to tell you that the mud pies I made for my dolls and recruited family members (victims) left my hands soft and supple, and sparked a lifelong love of skin care. Sorry. I don't really remember about that, but I probably just had to scrub my hands and clean under my nails really well. However, what it did spark was creativity and a love of nature and natural ingredients!

Thank you, Mom, I love you!

And thank you to Ms. Winslow, too, for such a special little book!

Anyway, I've come a long way (and a few, ahem, years) since then.

As a gawky teenager, I was more concerned about cosmetics than I was with skin care. I never had acne as a teen, and never really thought about it or what I was putting on my skin. No one in my family has acne, either.

Always interested in how to enhance life by doing it better, faster, and more economically, I got my B.S. in Home Economics and Marketing at the University of Missouri, Columbia.

After college, I became involved with local modeling, and later, with selling a certain beauty line which shall remain nameless, because I can't blame all of my woes on them. I have my suspicions about that, though. Because I had never had any breakouts, I didn't really think that proper removal of cosmetics was that important.

When I was 26, I developed cystic acne in a big way.

I have been to quite a few dermatologists over the years, and actually had some pretty bad experiences with treatments and prescriptions. I know from personal experience that (1) acne is not always genetic (2) acne treatments can make your problems a whole lot worse if you are allergic to them, and (3) prescription topical treatments and antibiotics are not really the answer. The last prescription I got caused a horrible allergic reaction that took a long time to heal.

I have tried many, many skin care lines over the years, but nothing really helped, and my skin got more and more sensitive. Finally, I tried yet another popular acne treatment that caused a reaction that lasted for months. My eyes swelled, my skin broke out all over into an oozing, itching, swollen, red, nasty mess, and I was devastated. I didn't trust dermatologists, and I didn't trust acne medications, and I had this huge problem.

After a lot of research, I found that using natural ingredients actually calmed my acne which saved my skin and renewed my interest in natural skin care and holistic treatment of acne.

I had been ruining my skin by drying it out. Who knew? Nobody told me that. I had bought into the oil-free myth. I had aggravated my skin sensitivities by using medications that were too harsh, and constantly irritated my skin into breakouts by applying chemicals that actually caused my skin problems!

I know, personally, that you have to treat systemic inflammation in a natural way. You have to keep the PH and moisture balance of your skin healthy so that it can heal.

And don't touch your face!! That's the worst and a huge contributor for many people. Anyway, you can read all of my recommendations under the Acne tab.

Now I am aging. Heavy sigh. Good news, no more acne. Good news, I'm not drying my skin out with acne medications. AND - I can keep my face in tip top shape with natural ingredients!

Plus, now I have a lot of other skin care toys right at my fingertips, effective, economical and fun to use! Life, and my skin, is good!

And really, really good news - I have tweaked and developed even more treatments to enhance my natural skin care. My skin is at it's very best!

My love affair with natural remedies for skin care has renewed and reinvigorated my complexion, and I have to share some of my favorite ways to use natural items for your natural skin health.

My Own Knowledge and Experiences = A Web Business!

I am dedicated to providing quality content people looking for solutions to their personal skin problems, so a website seemed like the best option.

But there are so many variables and guidelines and factors to running a successful business, achieving traffic, and even the mechanics of writing a website can be challenging and time consuming.

The answer is Solo Build It!

I tried to do this on my own, wrote it in Dreamweaver and got a website up and running.

It's a pretty daunting task all on your own, and lots of things to learn, to forget to address, and it's easy to get off track and give up.

What's great about Solo Build It! is that you bring the expertise, creativity and interest, and Solo Build It! takes care of all the rest.

Everything you need to succeed is at your fingertips, from planning, to step-by-step instructions, to support from the company and other SiteSell webmasters, to SEO, to keyword utilization, and on and on.

There is no guesswork!

Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of work. Being a webmaster is not for sissies! But - my time can go into research, writing and creativity, and Solo Build It! takes care of the details - for minimal cost. It's pretty unbelievable the amount of direction, guidance and support you get for such a low cost.

Remember how teachers used to say they had to "spoon-feed" a class? Well, SBI kind of "spoon-feeds" you everything you need to know and do to succeed.

If you have a passion, if you have a dream, I urge you to try Solo Build It! It's the best advice I can give you!

All about how you can find your passion with SBI!